Monday, December 3, 2012

Participating Stores

Stores that are VERIFIED! have passed our walk-through and for sure have the hunt prim, and prize hidden somewhere. If the store is not VERIFIED! and has a ? that means that most likely, it's not ready for the hunt. But there is a chance they are now ready, so hunt there at your own risk. We make every effort to make sure the stores are ready, and have VERIFIED! the ones that are for your convenience. Please click the store name for the direct Surl! You can also obtain an "All Locations Notecard" from the starting point at Nocturnal Needs and from the group Nocturnal Hunts.

1. Nocturnal Needs: Its somewhere on the entire Sim you see...... Its In the pot of a Merry Christmas Pine Tree. VERIFIED!

2. Barely Legal Couture: We are all Groupies! VERIFIED!

3. Fierce DesignsI'm one of a kind! VERIFIED!

4. xKorruptedx: Baby Blue. VERIFIED!

5. SWAK DesignsUnder a tree is where I'll be. VERIFIED!

6. Grim Death Co: She predicted we were a match made in heaven. VERIFIED!

7. Holli Pocket: She's hot and loves her pink! VERIFIED!

8. Kabuki Creations: Tie me up ! (Upper Floor, Nawty Room) VERIFIED!

9. Lushish Catz: This Angel is very Naughty. VERIFIED!

10. Vero Modero: Though I am not round, I am named a balloon. VERIFIED!

11. Que Bella!: Call me, Maybe? VERIFIED!

12. Nekolicious: This is a great place to look for loose change. VERIFIED!

13. --Submissions Girls--: ?

14. *~Crush Boutique ~*: Not all of us air out our Dirty Laundry! VERIFIED!

15.  Grumble: The speakers are pumping over at WGRR, i'd look there. VERIFIED!

16. ChiMia: After all that shopping put down those shopping bags, find your lover, and try not to wrinkle your skirt. VERIFIED!

17. NUTS Inc: He is steaming hot and carries me! VERIFIED!

18. Paisley Daisy: I dont see a garbage can so just kick that nasty thing under the........ VERIFIED!

19. .:FallenDreams Inc:.: Christmas is in the air. VERIFIED!

20. PA DESIGNE: Look for Transparent (Hint Giver Near Sign) VERIFIED!

21. + [ l u x u r i a n t ]: Stay Toasty. VERIFIED!

22. The Lucky Ducky Store: Might get a little wet here. VERIFIED!

23. .:WAR:. (Wayward Angels Reunite): How much is that condom in the __________. VERIFIED!

24. Shey: Look at "Aybike Mesh Set" Outfit's Poster. VERIFIED!

25. Dani's: Don't you think that Mrs. Claus is sexy? VERIFIED!

26. Bound & Bitten: You are so screwed. (Hint Giver at Store) VERIFIED!

27. +REDRUM+: Two Gifts at this store!!
Hint 1 - We'll play footsies under the table VERIFIED!
Hint 2 - Then we'll get cozy on the rug. VERIFIED!

28. Studio Nails: When I am running forward I am heavy, but I run backwards I am not. What am I? Find me in the store and this is where you will find your gift. ?

29. Arte Lex: I found some old records! VERIFIED!

30. Scott's Fabrications: If you carry that Condom in Your Back Pocket, I'd be careful where you sit, It may get lost there...  ;P VERIFIED!

31. Bee Designs-Christmas Lane: I wonder if this letter is for me.... VERIFIED!

32. Vips Corner: I adore to clean up and i do it with style!!! VERIFIED!

33. Margaritaville Swag: Close but no Cigar! VERIFIED!

34. Redrose Jewellry: It has a RING to it. VERIFIED!

35. {{Imajicas G-Spot}} Gestures: If you wanna play with the Woody... Cover the Hoody! VERIFIED!

36. Freya's Finest Jewels: I thought these type of boxes were for tricks?  VERIFIED!

37. .::Digi-StyleZ::.: Come inside to unwrap the Newest gifts VERIFIED!

38. Freya's Finest Jewels @CasperTech: Slap me hard, HARDER VERIFIED!

39. The Mall Street (Aradia Shop): This prize is guarded by the wolves.  VERIFIED!

40. Naughty Christmas: You are a STAR! VERIFIED!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Nocturnal Hunts presents: Unwrapped Hunt!
(Dec 3 - 31 2012)

This theme is Naughty Gifts!

Sexy, Naughty, Adult, Kinky, Fetish, Hot items!

Join the group: COPY THIS IN LOCAL CHAT: secondlife:///app/group/a87bffbc-9ec8-7d7f-93d8-0934e49fa257/about


If you are a merchant, and would like to be part of this event, please create a Note-card.

Title: [NH] UH: (Your Name/Store Name)

Your SL Name:

SL Store Name:

Mainstore Surl:

Mainstore Landmark:


If you do not hear from me or my staff in 48 Hours, please send an IM and Notecard. Thank you!

Christine Fearne
Owner - Nocturnal Hunts